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Discovering Trison Business College

Why choose Trison?

Trison Business College has been established over 20 years, our experienced staff have only one goal – to help our students improve. Not just through text book knowledge, but with real world skills that will help them be more competitive in the job market.

Tailored Courses

We want you to have an education that’s as unique as you are. Studying with us means doing it on your own terms: part-time, full-time, on-campus, online – or a blend of both. Many of our cutting-edge campuses are designed for next-generation learning and offer 24/7 access. Especially for someone who want to do extra studies outside of the office hour.

Self Paced Learning

Self-paced instruction is constructed in such a way that the learner proceeds from one topic or segment to the next at their own speed. Students can establish their own time frame to finish the course depends on their situation.

Student Support

We can understand that study can be stressful and daunting, particularly with the input of outside factors that can make motivation difficult. We believe that a strong support network is important why you study and for this reason our dedicated student support team will be there to assist you through out your study. Please always feel feel free to contact us if you have any issues.

Study & Career Pathways

We place equal value on theory and practice and make sure our students are thoroughly trained for real-world success. Trison Business College and its wide-ranged industry partners such as universities, work based training provider and job network, providing many options for students future study or career pathways after they are graduated.


Why not contact our Educational Advisors and let us assist you? Call (+61) 8 84106134 or email to info@trison.edu.au today!