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For International Students Accepting Your Offer

Trison Business College sends successful applicants a Letter of Offer which outlines the course or courses they are eligible to study.

To accept your offer to study at Trison, you must complete, sign and return an Offer Acceptance Form and pay the deposit outlined on your Letter of Offer.

Before accepting your offer, you must read all the important information relating to your offer. Work your way through the list below. After this, you are ready to complete an Offer Acceptance Form and pay your deposit.

Now that you have read all the important information you can download and complete the Offer Acceptance Form to formally accept your offer.

Details for submitting your Offer Acceptance Form are provided on the form.

If you need help to complete your Offer Acceptance Form, phone us on 1800 897 973 (within Australia) or +61 3 8676 7002 (outside Australia). Operating hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can also email us.

Students with disabilities

Please provide full details of any disability that you have on your Offer Acceptance Form. You should also include details that may have changed. It is important that you provide details of any special requirements and/or assistance you may need in order to study. All information provided will be kept confidential.

Understanding your offer

To understand your offer to study at Trison Business College, you need to know about health cover, paying your fees and other conditions.

Conditional offers

Conditional offers are made to applicants who are required to provide additional documentation to support their application.

Prior to or at the time of accepting a conditional offer, you must provide evidence that you have met all of the stated conditions. If you do not provide this evidence, you will not be eligible to proceed with your enrolment or student visa application.

The conditions listed on your Letter of Offer will outline the documents you are required to provide to Trison. These may include:

  • official or certified copies of academic transcripts
  • completion letters or certificates
  • IELTS (academic module) or TOEFL (computer-based or paper-based or IBT) results (no more than two years old).

When you have all the documents outlined in your Letter of Offer, you must send these to Trison with your completed Offer Acceptance Form.


Credit is the recognition of previous study and/or experience in the form of exemption from certain course requirements. This allows you to enter a course with advanced standing.

If you have received credit, it will be indicated in your Letter of Offer. The course duration shown on your Letter of Offer reflects the advanced standing you have received.

Details of credit will be determined when you enrol. You should bring original or certified copies of your academic transcripts and course outlines for completed courses. The full amount of credit will only be available with evidence that you have met all conditions.

In Australian universities, the term credit is often used interchangeably with the terms advanced standing, exemptions and/or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Note that Trison refers to RPL as recognition of skills and knowledge gained through work experience, life experience and/or formal training. Therefore, RPL and credit are not interchangeable terms.

Tuition fees and deposit

A deposit is required when you accept your offer and submit your Offer Acceptance Form. The amount required is included in your Letter of Offer.

The annual tuition fee listed in your Letter of Offer is based on full-time study for each course. Fees for each teaching period are based on how many units of study you will complete. Fees are reviewed annually.

Overseas Student Health Cover

The Australian Government requires you and your dependents to maintain acceptable health and medical insurance during your stay in Australia. Overseas Student Health Cover is arranged by a registered health provider as determined by the Australian Government.

Pay your deposit

When you accept your offer to study at Trison, you must pay a deposit.

The deposit is listed on your Letter of Offer. Usually it includes a payment towards your tuition fee and the fee for Overseas Student Health Cover.

If you are a sponsored student who receives financial assistance from a government, organisation or company, you are not required to pay a deposit.

Payment options

There are two ways to pay your deposit. You can pay by secure online payment or by bank cheque in Australian dollars.

Secure online payment

Trison accepts credit card payments (Visa or MasterCard) and telegraphic transfers through Western Union Business Solutions.

Telegraphic transfers made via other organisations cannot be accepted.

5 Reasons to use Western Union Business Solutions payment portal

  1. Its easy to use and you can make your payment faster and receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) sooner.
  2. Save money by choosing a telegraphic transfer from your bank. There are no transfer charges from Western Union Business Solutions for this type of payment.
  3. You can use your own currency and still be sure that your full payment amount will be made in Australian dollars
  4. Once you make the payment, the exchange rate is locked for 72 hours, making sure that the full amount is paid.
  5. You get peace of mind, knowing that your payment will arrive in full, on time, without any extra charges or delays.

After completing your payment, you must provide the following documents to Trison when you submit your Offer Acceptance Form:

  • a copy of the Western Union online receipt (credit card payments)
  • bank receipt (telegraphic transfer payments)
  • a copy of Western Unions confirmation email (telegraphic transfer payments).

Pay by bank cheque

Trison Business College accepts payment by bank cheque issued in Australian dollars and payable at an Australian bank. All bank cheques must be made out to Trison Business College

Please ensure that you specify details of your payment on the bank cheque, such as tuition fee deposit, health cover, tuition fees, etc.

Note that Trison does not accept bank drafts as payment.

Confirmation of enrolment

Once you have accepted your offer and paid your deposit, Trison Business College will provide you with your Confirmation of Enrolment.