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A small collection of Policies

Trison Business College is committed to protecting personal information and will take all reasonable steps to ensure personal details are kept confidential and secure.? Personal information will only be used in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Personal information collected as part of the enrolment process is used by Trison Business College for planning, statistical, research, monitoring, reporting and evaluation purposes.? It is also used to assess student eligibility for government funded programs, such as the Skills for All program, and advise case managers or employment service providers (if applicable) of student participation and attendance in training.

Anyone who accesses our website or any of our online learning materials will have information collected about their IP address, the time they logged in, the time they logged out, the pages they accessed and the actions they took.? This information is used to monitor course progress and collect statistical information, which may be used for research purposes.

Trison Business College will not disclose personal information to other parties unless:

It is a requirement by law or by Commonwealth or State funding bodies; or
The student has provided their permission to disclose information; or
Trison Business College believes the disclosure is necessary to prevent a serious threat to the life or health of the student concerned.

Click here for the details – POL1308 Student Grievances, Compliants and Appeals 2017 Feb

Trison Business College is committed to providing adequate mechanisms for a student to voice any areas of concern.

Initial concerns should be directed to the Trainer who will discuss the situation with the student and attempt to provide a mutually agreeable solution.

If this initial procedure does not resolve the student’s grievance then the student should send a written complaint to the Director within 14 days of the issue arising. The Director will then take steps to rectify the problem. Action taken may include mediation between the two parties, mediation with an independent organisation, and/or other mutually acceptable arrangements.